Vietnam is an interesting country for me, with their culture, their history and their story of Vietnam war. I visited for five days precisely in  Da Nang City and Hoi An City, a lot of experiences i got from Vietnam and all that amazed, i will always remember it.

photo spot on the Japanese bridge with beautiful river views in Hoi An city in Vietnam
Hoi An city is famous as the old city of Vietnam, saves a lot of Vietnamese history in the past. there are many old buildings that are well maintained, there is an antique bridge that connects two places that are still in the old town of Hoi An, with a beautiful view of the river.

The Japanese bridge in Hoi an Vietnam looks from the front
traditional Vietnamese transportation, in Indonesia this is called a “becak”
Vietnamese women who were selling on the edge of the street in Hoi An city with typical farmer hats
 along the river we will find many wooden boats that we can rent to row boats around the river. wooden boat with a typical Vietnamese female captain with his farm hat. Don’t forget to use sunblock cream for our skin to protect our skin from the scorching sun

Wooden boats are one of the interesting things along the Hoi An river
Local Vietnamese food that I like is noodle soup, the sauce is tasty and fresh and the noodles are smooth. Vietnamese chili has a larger size compared to the size of chili in Indonesia, the country where I live, and it tastes very spicy. I need two bottles of drinking water to get rid of the spicy taste.

noodle soup with spicy chili … it’s delicious
me and my full stomach … this makes a happy laugh
while Da Nang city in Vietnam is very interesting to be enjoyed at night, a modern city in Vietnam, there are many entertainment places, shopping centers, restaurants, pubs, offices and the icon of this city is Cau Rong or Dragon Bridge.

lights, high rise buildings and rivers are beautiful combinations
So happy I can explore a new place, hopefully more and more new places that I can explore next time. ^-^